About Bomber Barn

Bomber Barn is an action-maze game where you blast your way to victory, dropping bombs and using your special abilities to destroy your opponents.

"... certainly worth checking out if you enjoy a bit of bomb blasting fun."
- Alpha Beta Gamer

Fun Features

Early Access Road Map

Join us in Early Access and shape Bomber Barn's future! We're always adding more to Bomber Barn!
Here's a glimpse at what's coming...

Bigger and better

New maps, mix-ins, game modes, cosmetic items, and animals are on the way. You help decide what comes next!

Sights &

We're committed to continually provide the visual and audio polish that Bomber Barn deserves.

The Next

One part of our vision involves a Story mode featuring boss fights and other challenges. Stay tuned about this stretch goal!

Play Bomber Barn

Grab a few friends and prepare for hours of bomb-dropping battle!

Want to try the game before you buy? Grab the 100% free, playable demo. Play with all 4 bombers, plus a sampling of maps and mix-ins.

Download the Bomber Barn demo today on Steam or itch.io.

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